Entrepreneur Samuel Strauch Shares His Story In The Real Estate Business

The real estate business is a genuinely risky market that requires a lot of dedication and knowledge of the local industry to actually triumph. You have to study a lot about successful real estate developers in areas like the one you are looking into and learn a lot with the best realty giants in the world, like Hussain Sajwani who conquered the real estate market of Dubai.

The property development market is something that is not understood until you start investing in the field and start understanding how the game works. Samuel Strauch who is the Principal of Metrik Real Estate, a leading company that creates commercial buildings, learned the way of the real estate field through the hard way.

Having received his degree in business at the Hofstra University, from 1991 to 1994, which is known for being an excellent University for business and entrepreneurs, Samuel Strauch began his career in the bank industry, but that was far from the real intentions that the young entrepreneur had for his future career.

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The real estate business that he first joined was his family’s, which he intended since the beginning to join after leaving the bank where he was working. However, Samuel Strauch went a step further, and created his own real estate company in 2002, going against what everyone was saying about how bankruptcy was a real risk and that his family’s business was growing fast.

The visionary businessman that was Mr. Strauch did not want to stay in his family’s shadow, só he founded the Metrik Real Estate company. At first, the decision seemed like an ingenious one, and he feared the risk of bankruptcy as the real estate market was punishing if you do not know what you are doing. Through intense research of the market and studying the best available paths to raise his company to success, Samuel Strauch noticed that he could gather a group of international clients and investors to form his partners and start developing properties at the city of Miami, which was being transformed into a metropolitan center at that time.

The timing was perfect, and the Metrik Real Estate skyrocketed and became one of the strongest local companies in the market. According to the entrepreneur himself, the thing that helped him the most with his success is seeking win-win situations with his clients, always.