Betsy DeVos and Spirited Activism

Betsy DeVos is the epitome of a businesswoman who is self-possessed. She never lets anything get to her. If she wants something, she goes after it without hesitation. Her personality is what has helped her make it to her present status. DeVos works as the United States Secretary of Education. She’s familiar to countless people all around the United States and planet. They often see her in the media right next to President Donald Trump. Many people know DeVos as a key part of President Trump’s administration. They don’t always know, however, that she’s been busy in the philanthropy and political scenes for years and years now. Political action has practically been her lifeblood for decades. People who attended Calvin College alongside “Elisabeth Prince” know that she’s always been fervent about political subjects. Learn more:


Dick DeVos is the name of Betsy’s husband. This is in no way a surprising pairing. People who are aware of Dick connect him to a life of politics and philanthropy, too. He’s the sort of person who gives attention to all of the things that are going on around him. If he picks up on something that makes him uncomfortable or unhappy, he reacts and tries to endorse change. That’s how his wife operates as well.


This married couple happily made the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation come to life several decades ago. The main focal points of this group are leadership, justice, the arts, community and education. People who know about Dick and Betsy and their interests aren’t shocked by this. Those are all subjects that get the duo talking. These philanthropists have been discussing all matters that relate to education for years at this point. Betsy is particularly keen on discussions that involve educational choice. Educational choice has been a topic that’s been on her mind since she had small children in her household. The mother was dismayed when she met other parents who didn’t have the finances required to make key decisions about their kids’ educational paths. This unhappiness pushed her into the direction of educational choice activism. She regularly talks about the advantages of educational choice in the United States. She has big aspirations that involve choices within the educational system. She wants to give families the chance to pick educational institutions that are suitable fits for their children. Other educational topics that DeVos gravitates to include charter schools and school vouchers.


Betsy DeVos backs culture and the arts all of the time. She backs meaningful, efficient and effective leadership projects that can change the face of the United States forever. There are many different topics that DeVos goes into on a regular basis. These are grading systems for schools, the charter school system located in Detroit, Michigan, public funding and educational matters and beyond. DeVos is always on the lookout for opportunities that may be helpful to her causes. Her husband is largely the same. The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is going to be busy and active for years to come.