How Gregory James Aziz Restored The Reputation Of National Steel Car

National Steel Car is the biggest manufacturer of railroad cars in all of North America. It is a Canadian company that was founded in 1912 in Hamilton, Ontario. During the Great Depression, the company suffered a series of setbacks as demand for its railroad cars collapsed when commerce started to grind to a halt. It was World War II that revived the company and it did really well until 1962. At that time it was bought by a company called Dofasco which did a terrible job of managing the company.


It was in 1994 that National Industries, Inc. bought National Steel Car from Dofasco. The owner of National Industries, Inc. was Gregory James Aziz and so he took over management of National Steel Car, becoming its chief executive officer. Gregory J Aziz made the decision to do what it took to restore the company to its former greatness because he saw a lot of potential in it.


Within around five years of Greg Aziz taking over his company was doing far better. The could produce 12,500 railroad cars a year, versus prior barely churning out 3,500, and upped the number of people employed to 3,000 from just 500. They now have customers throughout Canada and the United States which are mainly comprised of commercial railway operators.


Due to James Aziz’s (he sometimes goes by his middle name) leadership and vision his facility, still in Hamilton, is recognized as the biggest and most technologically advanced railcar production plant in either America or Canada. His company is also the only one in the industry to be able to make the claim that they are certified ISO 9001:2008 which proves their dedication to providing superior workmanship in every railcar they produce.

When received his undergraduate degree at the University of Western Ontario. Once he was out of school he joined the family business, Affiliated Foods. It was a number of years later that he decided he would change course and instead become an investment banker in New York City. It was while working there that he came across the opportunity to buy National Steel Car.

James Aziz has acted philanthropically many times over the years. His company performs a major food drive every year, for example, and he financially sponsors cultural institutions like the Hamilton Opera and the Theater Aquarius which is a very popular place to see plays in Hamilton. See This Page for more information