The M&A Advisor Presents Madison Street Capital With Prestigious Award

Debt financing is an important aspect of almost any large-scale business, and few do it better than Madison Street Capital, who, at the 16th Annual M&A Advisor Awards, earned the prestigious “Debt Financing Deal of the Year” award. This award marking their work on a highly successful transaction.


A company that prides itself on financial excellence, Madison Street Capital is no stranger to praise. But an award like this doesn’t come along very often. With their work on advising for the WLR Automotive deal, the company secured a valuable award. Additionally, Madison Street Capital placed as a finalist for two other awards, making quite the impression on the litany of financial professionals attending the ceremony.


Madison Street Capital’s CEO, Charles Botchway accepted the award on behalf of his company, performing a short speech in which he expressed his deepest gratitude for the M&A Advisor’s choice to present his company with the prestigious award. Afterwards, he congratulated the company who had been the subject of the deal, WLR Automotive, as well as Barry Petersen, the senior managing director who had acted as the company’s lead during the transaction.



Madison Street Capital

With their exclusive insight into the field of finance, Madison Street Capital has become a global leader in financial advisement. With their services ranging from financial opinions and basic valuations to mergers and acquisitions, they employ a wide range of talented and experienced individuals in order to provide their clients with the best possible results. With years of experience and a strong focus on remaining informed and serving the interests of their clients above all else, they’ve become one of the most renowned advisement companies in the field.



The M&A Advisor’s Gala

The awards ceremony takes place at the Gala, an event held in conjunction with the M&A Advisor Summit. The summit features numerous industry veterans and is one of the foremost events in the world of finance. One of the summit’s major events is its interactive forums, which are led by journalists and academics with experience in the industry, and foster discussion and cooperation by bringing industry professionals together.


Since their founding over 20 years ago, the M&A Advisor has been at the forefront of the industry, swiftly taking their place as the field’s leading media outlet. With their offering of industry-exclusive intelligence and their staff of financial experts, the company has become a prominent figure in the world of finance and respected as one of the world leaders in the field. They hold a strong focus on mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring. Their award ceremony is highly prestigious and is one of the most anticipated events of the year. We can only imagine the results of the 17th annual ceremony.


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