The Outstanding Businessman And Entrepreneur, Shiraz Boghani

Shiraz Boghani’s origin was in Kenya but later went to the U.K where he studied accounting in 1960’s and also acquired British citizenship. He is a chartered accountant with an entrepreneurial mind.

As an entrepreneur, Boghani was able to easily identify a niche market after his studies which he invested in and has grown with up to date.

Driven by passion and desire to achieve, Boghani was able to found Sussex Health Care in a joint partnership. The health care has currently grown and expanded to18 care homes with a capacity of over 500 beds. It has touched the lives of many whether directly or indirectly.

The health care is in a position to offer different types of services to patients ranging from the simplest tests to the most advanced ones. This has been possible through the strategy driven management of Shiraz where he acts as a joint chairman.

Currently, he is the chairman of the privately owned Splendid Hospitality Group and owns 19 trading hotels in the U.K which he also manages. His passion for service and enabling attitude towards people has seen him thrive since the hospitality industry is based solely on providing services.

One of his major achievements is being one of the earliest entrepreneurs to introduce hotels with branded services to London in the early years of 1990’s. Other achievements include winning the Asian Business Award and this ceremony was adorned by the attendance of some of the most famous stars.

Even after achieving so much in his career life, Shiraz Boghani does not stop there. He has a most recent hotel project which has made him feel very excited. It is the launching of the Hilton London Bankside, worth of £121 million and is located in London.

His experience of more than 30 years in the hotel industry has given him new developments and ideas in the sector. This has given excellence for the same and he can be a good consultant when it comes to matters related to the industry.

When not dealing with hotel business or Sussex Health Care, Boghani is actively involved in charity. This way, he is able to reach to the people who cannot afford to have a good life and enjoy spending in the luxurious group of hotels that he leads. His reaching out to the needy is another way of giving what he values most, service.

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