How US Money Reserve Was One Of The Heroes Of Hurricane Harvey Relief

US Money Reserve has made billions in revenue from sales of precious metals products, but they also are always involved in their community and making a difference as they know how. Just this last August when hurricane Harvey hit and ravaged the coast of Texas, they got involved with the Austin Disaster Relief Network and decided to make matching donations to anyone willing to donate to the relief efforts. Their grant was $100,000, all of which went directly to the victims and emergency response personnel, and YouCaring, the online network through which donations were made reported that the response to the fundraiser was overwhelmingly more than they expected.


US Money Reserve certainly values helping humanitarian causes like the Austin Disaster Relief Network, but their products help people prepare for another type of disaster entirely. They sell a variety of gold and silver bullion, much of which may be bought by collectors and numismatists, but gold and silver have value that often rises when the markets are unstable. When national debt starts adding up, global banks and currencies have problems and the stock exchange sees volatility across all of its indexes, gold and silver become preferred choices of investment. That’s because these precious metals aren’t subject to the rise and fall of federal interest rates or the supply and demand of central banks. US Money Reserve has made the process of purchasing precious metals fairly easy, and they have products ranging from the hundreds to thousands of dollars in cost. Learn more:


US Money Reserve is run by some of the top experts in the numismatics field including their president, the former US Mint Director Philip N. Diehl. It could be said that Diehl came to the Mint on a mission to bring it out of the status quo and bring renewed energy into its commemorative coins production and into the modern era. Diehl helped the Mint generate over $2 billion in profits during his time there, and also had a brand new website developed that brought in all kinds of new sales to the Mint. Diehl also had this repeated at US Money Reserve when he advised the company to redo their website, and it now has better compatibility with mobile devices and even more high definition photos of its rare coins. Diehl is also featured in a note to visitors in which he points them to the US Money Reserve’s free gold information kit and IRA transfer plan.